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Nearly Losing Our Greyhound Flossie Made Us Create a Safety Device.

This week I experienced the horror of looking down at my 2 Greyhounds that I was walking to see only one. I had taken my glove off at some point in the walk and unbeknown to me I had unhooked one lead and it had dropped to the floor. I then carried on walking as did the girls. I only realised when I looked round at them to see I only had one! She had turned down a side road when we didn't. Luckily I noticed pretty quickly and she hadn't gone far. Fortunately she didn't freak out and run with her lead dangling or bolt into the road when the kind passer by tried to catch her. Our little freaky, useless recall Greyhound casually trotted back towards me, much to my huge relief. I lay in bed that night with all the alternative scenarios playing out in my mind. What if she disappeared? What if someone grabbed her? What if a black Greyhound ran out into the dark main route through the village? It didn't bear thinking about but one thought led to another.

Currently there are some frightening incidents of dog theft. I have heard of people grabbing at leads to try and steal your dog from you. They have pushed people over to snatch their dogs. I often thought that I would fight them tooth and nail, they would not get my dogs. But then I start thinking, what if I was to fall and let go of the lead(s)? Would I be able to keep a hold if my hand had been hit?

There are some good pieces of advice at the following link the most interesting one being to spray the dog with pet safe dye. It is well worth a read.

We came up with a lead wrist strap to secure the dog's leads to my wrist or belt. It is meant as a failsafe back up for a fall, lapse of concentration or to assist in an attack. It may give a few extra seconds for you to get up, gather your thoughts or deter a thief.

This wrist strap allows you to attach yourself more securely to your dog's lead. You can wear the strap on your wrist or through a belt. The clip fastener can either connect to one lead's handle or slip through one or more handles to double back and clip onto it's own 'D' ring.

It would be useful to assist when needing to be hands free say at the pub and the wrist connector can then be put around a safe anchor point to leave you to eat your Ploughman's in peace!

It could be used to secure the leads to an anchor point when needing to be hands free too.

Or.... attach yourself to a pushchair, something you don't want to drop, forget or get snatched.

This would also be useful to assist if you don't have a strong grip.

It would stop a dog from running off if you lost grip on an extender lead handle for example. Maybe as an aid to a dog walker with a disability or strength issues.

It has many uses!

Here is Flossie the escapologist!

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