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If You Think Your Collar Is Too Small!

We have a regular 'help' question from some new collar owners.

It is: "My collar is too small, can you replace it please?"

Here is the scenario:

You have received your fabulous new collar but you think it doesn't look quite right, it looks far too small. You study it and look all around it but you still can't figure it out. You have used collars before so what is wrong with this one? Your other half says: "Why can't you get it on?" You thrust it at them and demand that they do it then. They can't see it either and you send us a message.

Sometimes we get a frustrated message:

"I gave you my measurements but you made it wrong!" Sometimes I get a second message shortly afterwards:

"I'm sorry, my husband told me I am an idiot and did it, I love it, thank you!"

So what has happened then?

We close the collars right down for shipping so that they don't get creased by folding them in the middle. We want it to arrive with you in the condition that we sent it to you. It is extremely easy to think that it is tiny if you pull apart the collar at the wrong point.

Before you try to fit it just open it up fully first.

Then put it on and make smaller to fit. We have had a few messages over the

years with worried customers thinking the collar is the wrong size. We are extremely careful to get the size right. So it is practically impossible for you to have the wrong size.

We heard a frightening tale recently of someone thinking their collar was too small but didn't look into it. They ended up forcing it onto the dog which was far too tight and put the pup in such a panic they had to cut the collar off. Apart from being a waste of a good collar it was incredibly dangerous! The collar concerned is in the photo on the left. The top one is an existing collar that fits perfectly and the bottom one the one that was cut off, you can clearly see that they are exactly the same size. So, if in doubt please check out the video or make contact!

We have included information in our 'Your order has been shipped' email and now we have uploaded a video to our 'Information' page to help if it still sounds alien from our description. If all else fails, drop us a message!

It is a common question, so if you are here looking for help then rest assured you are not alone.

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