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Kiss Lips 'The Farley' Sparkle Collar 40mm

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Product Details

Add some bling to your hound! These collars are available in 40mm Martingale, reduced Martingale and Housecollar. They are glittery kisses ribbon on webbing so are as strong as our other collars for walking purposes.

During the checkout process there is an option to add measurements of your dog's neck and widest part of their head. Please fill this information and any other requirement into that field so that we can make sure it will fit correctly.

A full Martingale is the traditional collar for Sighthounds and the design covers the full circumference. Whereas a reduced Martingale is closed with 25mm webbing which results in less bulk at the front of the neck. If you have a skittish dog I would recommend the full Martingale over the reduced.

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